About embeddedInn

Embeddedinn is a place where I keep tab of the technical thinkering and professional activities that I do on a day to day basis. It is more of a journal of activities than full fledged tutorial site. However, I try to put in as much details as possible so that it will benefit others trying to do something similar.

about me

I am an embedded systems developer by profession. Current day job primarily revolves around product management, design, development and integration of drivers, system software, compilers and programming tools for networked embedded processors and modules. In the past building and integrating wireless video streaming solutions, in-home shared TV experiences, Linux device drivers for STBs and USB drivers for mobile devices fetched my bread and butter.

I started off my career with FPGA based system modelling and synthesis and timing closure of some HDL modules and at times burned my hands with some process node migration work. This got me interested in working at the boundary of hardware and software and designing for both sides. Exploring the possibilities took me to various levels of the stack including UI design and build management. I even did some server side development and web design for a while. I am a tinkerer and get sa kick out of exploring the root level functional understanding of things and enjoys exponential integration upwards from there. In the last couple of years, product development and program managment has captured my fascination.

My experiences has brought me to a level where I can contribute to product definition, system architecture from hardware to networked system integration with a holistic and in depth view of various parts of the system stack. Thus this blog where I note down what I explore at various avenues of my “tech life”.

Some of my favourite pastimes include carpentry, tinkering with PCB design and building utility boards, python programming, tech evangelism at university levels and learning new technologies from basics.

Contact me : vysakhpillai [ at ] gmail [dot] com